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Bonus Items

Members also receive access to various preparer tools, including white papers, worksheets and checklists. In addition, members get a discount on all our tax office products. D​ownload a sample of our Tax Impact of Having a Child e-book and Form 3115 Missed Depreciation white paper below.

Tax Impact of Having a Child E-Book

Clients with children require extra attention as there are a variety of tax issues involving children ranging in age from 0 to 27. Topics include examining tax credits available to taxpayers with dependent children (including the expanded child tax credit).

Download Tax Impact of Having a Child e-book

This e-book is one of many popular products offered in our Tax Store, our one-stop-shop for textbooks, office supplies and client-focused materials. Members receive a discount on all Tax Store products.

Form 3115 Missed Depreciation White Paper

The IRS allows taxpayers to correct depreciation deductions by claiming the missed depreciation and correcting the depreciation methods and/or life for future years. Often the tax preparer does not know about a depreciable asset until the taxpayer has sold it or they have owned and used it in their trade or business for several years without taking any depreciation deduction.

This white paper takes you through the trick topics and contains an example prepared Form 3115.

Download Form 3115 Missed Depreciation white paper

This white paper is one of many white papers that members have access to. Other white paper topics include IRS Notices, Audit Rights and Foreclosures, Abandonments and Cancellation of Debt.

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