​​Membership Levels Customer FAQ

Why is NATP making these changes?

A one-size-fits-all membership is no longer meeting the needs of tax professionals. As a result, we offer three options. To guide our decisions, we conducted surveys of our members, held focus groups and interviews, and employed advanced data modeling to identify what professionals want from association membership.

Can I change my membership level to Premium now or do I have to wait until my renewal?

If your membership renewal date occurs between January and April, you can change your membership level to Premium online or by calling Member Services. 

What is the cost to change my membership to the Premium level?

If you have an available invoice and your renewal date is between January and April, you will pay $625 to renew at the Premium level. You should contact Member Services to help you with this transaction.

If your renewal date occurs during May through December, you can change your membership level for a $430 fee. The $430 fee will give you access to the Premium membership until your renewal date.

TIP: If your membership renewal occurs in May or June it would be best to wait until you are in your renewal period, otherwise you could be paying $430 for Premium access for just a couple of months. May renewal period starts March 1 and June starts April 1.

Can I change my membership level to Basic now or do I have to wait until renewal?

You can change your membership level to Basic once you are in your renewal period and have an invoice available. Member Services representatives will help you with this transaction.

Do I have to change my membership?

No, you do not have to do anything. On Jan. 4, 2019, all members were automatically placed at the Professional level. When your membership is eligible for renewal, you can decide whether you want to change your level at that time. 

Will my staff still get Member Associate pricing for in-person workshops?

The Member Associate level pricing for education is no longer an option. Your discount for events will be determined by your membership level. For example, Basic members will receive a 5% discount and Professional and Premium members will receive a 25% discount. Your staff would need to be a member to receive any discounts. You can purchase Professional Associate membership at the discounted rate of $155, which will give them all the benefits of the Professional level.

Is e-membership still available for my staff?

E-membership will now be referred to as Professional Associate membership. Just like e-membership, Professional Associate members will receive the same benefits as Professional members, except that printed publications will be e-mailed and TheTaxBook  WebLibrary Plus add-on will not be available. To qualify for this membership, there must be a member at your office location who is a Professional or Premium member and membership will be set to auto renew every year with your credit card on-file.

Will I lose out on any benefits by staying at the Professional level?

No, If you stay at the Professional level you will not lose anything, rather you will gain 8 hours of business practice education, an Ethics webinar, a two-hour tax webinar of your choice, TAXPRO Journal exams worth up to 4 CPE and 25% off additional education and the Tax Store.

What do you mean by 25% off education for those at the Professional and Premium levels?

Members have always received a discount off the nonmember education and Tax Store prices. Historically the education discount ranged between 15% - 25% for members, but you can now expect to receive an average discount of 25% or 5% off the nonmember price, depending on your level.

Why did membership costs increase from $171 to $195 when the levels changed from Individual membership to the Professional level?

As background, we held the membership price for 2018 at the 2017 price. The increase in 2019 to $195 is to cover the rising cost of providing current benefits as well as the additional costs for the new perks included at the Professional level. You will now receive:

  • 2 CPE Ethics webinar
  • 1 or 2 CPE Tax topic webinar of your choice
  • 4 CPE exams in the TAXPRO Journal
  • 8 hours of additional tax business practice education

Our goal is to add as much value to the Professional level, but still keep it reasonably priced below $200.

I already purchased TheTaxBook WebLibrary Plus for this tax season. Why didn’t you let us know? Can I get a refund?

No, unfortunately a refund is not available. We knew there would be some overlap with customers who already use TheTaxBook WebLibrary Plus, but sadly there was no perfect time to go live with this benefit.

Is my anniversary or membership renewal date changing?

No, your anniversary/renewal/expiration date will remain the same.

Will my unused research question for the 2019 calendar year roll over to my next membership period?

No, research questions will only be available until the member renewal date. All Professional level members will have one research question included with membership. Upon your membership renewal date, you will receive another question. Premium members  receive five questions.

What are the rules to change my membership level to Basic?

Members can only switch to Basic during their renewal period. If it is prior to their renewal date they will need to call MS, if they wait until their renewal date they can switch online.

Why don't I get a discount on Chapter event registrations?

You will find that most Chapters offer a member and nonmember price for their events. The Chapter decides the percentage of the discount.

If I want to opt out of certain benefits, can I get some of my dues refunded?

No, you are paying for a membership level. There is no refund if you do not use certain benefits. We encourage members to review their options during their renewal period and pick the level that best meets their needs.

Are any of my membership benefits transferable to my staff or other colleagues?

No, membership level discounts are only available to the member.

As a Premium member, can I register staff or colleagues for courses available with my Premium Online Education Pass?

No, due to CPE tracking requirements, education included at each level is only for the member.

Why did my International fees go up so much?

Due to the increased value that is part of the Professional membership we couldn’t continue to subsidize the pricing as we had in the past. Required increases to security technology have also contributed to expenses related to International membership.

Please explain Student and Emeritus memberships.

  • There will no longer be a student membership. Students or professors should pick which ever level best suits their needs.
  • Emeritus members are retirees who are 70-years-old and have been a member for at least 15 years. They will be Professional level members, but will receive a $40 discount off their renewal.
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