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The National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) is the largest nonprofit organization that serves individuals specializing in tax preparation by providing tax education, federal tax research, in-depth explanations of tax law change and other important tax content needed to successfully run a tax practice.

NATP's team of expert tax researchers work year-round to monitor any industry-related news, including any tax legislation changes. When there is new legislation that affects tax law, NATP's team of experts works diligently to communicate the changes to its members and explain how the new tax regulations affect their clients.

The national headquarters, located in Appleton, WI, employs over 50 professionals.

For more information, or to speak with one of our experts, please contact:

Nancy Kasten
Phone: 800-558-3402, ext. 1172

2021 tax season information

NATP offers a bundle of tax-related news releases that include important information on timely topics the American taxpayers need to understand. Please use these releases in your publications as you see fit. If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Kasten at nkasten@natptax.com​.

About our members

NATP members work at offices that assist over 11 ​million people worldwide with U.S. tax preparation and planning. The average NATP member has been in the tax business for over 20 years and holds a tax/financial designation and/or a college degree. Formed in 1979, NATP's member base includes enrolled agents, certified public accountants, attorneys and financial planners.

Latest news

Reporting taxable income for Instagram influencers proves challenging for tax professionals

Millions of Americans took on a side gig in 2020 partly due to the economic impacts of COVID-19, which means millions of taxpayers will try to take additional deductions for costs related to emerging freelance jobs, such as social media influencers, Twitch gamers, Instacart shoppers and more. All of these will also need to be reported on Schedule C.
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NATP submits request to IRS Commissioner for 2021 tax filing extension

The National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) sent a letter to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig requesting his consideration of a filing extension to the 2021 tax season.NATP made the appeal on behalf of its 23,000 tax preparer members and their more than 10 million taxpayer clients. A lack of guidance on a number of tax issues was the number one reason provided for the extension request.
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NATP emphasizes importance of working with qualified tax professional

In light of the number of changes to tax law in 2020, most resulting from the fallout of COVID-19, the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) advises taxpayers to work with a trained tax professional to ensure the most accurate tax return and possible refund available.
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Tax season client worksheets available, free for members

Individuals preparing tax returns for 2021 are encouraged to take advantage of the abundance of resources NATP offers, including worksheets, charts and more. Additionally, NATP offers a due diligence worksheet to help tax professionals ensure they are following the regulations required by the IRS. Tax preparers who fail to follow due diligence requirements may be subject to a penalty of $540 per failure (up to $2,160 per return) for returns and claims for refund filed in 2021.
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Tax professionals weigh in on 2021 filing season extensions

NATP issued a survey to tax professionals in December 2020 with questions about the 2020 filing season, its extended deadline and more. Of the 589 respondents, 61.8% reported they thought the July 15, 2020, filing extension for individual returns was positive for them as a practitioner, and 77% of tax professionals thought the extension was positive for their clients.
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Other news​​

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