NATP Chapters

​​Participating in your state chapter helps ensure you have what you need to support your clients at the state and local level. Our chapters provide support, education and opportunities to build solid professional relationships.

Chapter membership is automatically included with NATP membership. If you’re not yet a member, join today!

What chapter membership means for you

Chapter involvement presents a great opportunity to stay up-to-date on state and local tax issues and network with tax professionals in your state.

Here are some chapter opportunities available to all members:

  • Register for local education seminars on state and local tax topics
  • Volunteer and share your state and local tax expertise with other members
  • Attend state chapter meetings where members can exchange ideas, solve problems and discuss issues with other state members
  • Reach out to fellow members for support or advice about state and local tax issues

For more information or to contact your chapter, visit your chapter's web pages.

Interested in starting a chapter?

If you live in a state without a chapter, but would like to learn how to start one, please visit How to Form a Chapter.


Chapter membership is included automaticly for every NATP member.
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