Chapter Formation

​​NATP chapters promote continuing education, particularly on state issues, and create a close alliance between our members and the National association. Please contact the Chapter Program Manager with your questions and interest.

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Fundamental Requirements

  • There must be member interest in starting a state or multi-state Chapter.
  • There must be at least 50 members in the state/multi-state Chapter region.
If your state doesn't have at least 50 members, please work with the Chapter Program Manager at the NATP National office to increase the number of members in your area.

Step One

Form a volunteer Organizational Committee (OC), consisting of at least 12 members who live in the state/region and are interested in working to start a Chapter. This committee will work closely with the National office, specifically the Chapter Program Manager, in the Chapter formation process. The Chapter Program Manager will provide samples of the documentation and tools needed to successfully complete the process.

Step Two

The OC must formally file a petition with National, requesting a vote by the membership to determine if the majority of members in the state/region would like a Chapter. National will then send a letter and ballot to the potential Chapter membership, explaining that the petition has been filed. The letter will discuss the duties, responsibilities and benefits of a Chapter and will include the names of the members on the OC. Each member will have 15 days to return their ballot. For the election to be valid, at least 40 members or 20% of members in the Chapter region, must vote in the election, with a majority voting in favor of Chapter formation.

Step Three

The OC will hold an organizational meeting for members, held in a location and at a time that will encourage maximum participation. A National representative will be attend this meeting and be available to address any questions or concerns. Members will be invited to the meeting through a communication sent by the National office and will announce the results of the vote. The agenda for the organizational meeting will include the following:
  • The election of interim officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer).
  • The appointment of Bylaws, Regional Analysis, Nominations and Annual Meeting Planning committees.
  • Group discussion on long-term goals of the Chapter.
  • Scheduling of additional planning meetings.
  • Preliminary discussion on incorporation procedures.
A copy of the minutes from the organizational meeting and committee meetings will be sent to the National office.

Step Four

The first annual meeting will be held to finalize the formation of the Chapter. The meeting must be held in conjunction with educational sessions in a conference-like setting, with registrants receiving a package that includes an agenda and reports from the Bylaws, Nominations and Regional Analysis committees. A National representative will attend the meeting and, at no expense to the Chapter, members will be invited to the meeting through a communication sent by the National office. At the first annual meeting:
  • The bylaws will be approved and adopted.
  • The Regional Analysis Committee report will be approved.
  • Standing committees and committee chairs will be appointed.
  • The general membership should be encouraged to serve on standing and special committees.
  • The committees should schedule time to meet.
  • Chapter directors and officers will be elected.
  • Work on your new Chapter will begin.

Step Five

Incorporation papers will be filed. The actual incorporation process will be completed by the Chapter and all incorporation fees will be paid by National.

Congratulations, you have formed an NATP Chapter!

Your Chapter Charter will be presented at Taxposium following your first annual meeting. All members living within your Chapter’s state/region will automatically become members of the Chapter. Within 30 days of the first annual meeting, we will provide a stipend to initially fund your Chapter treasury. Thereafter, on a quarterly basis, we will provide funds for each new and renewed member during that quarter, provided that your Chapter continues to meet the basic compliance requirements of the National organization. Additional information about these requirements will be provided to you by the Chapter Program Manager during the Chapter formation process.
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