Our Values

Believe in what we do. Value who we are.

Our values matter. They represent our highest priorities, deeply held beliefs and driving forces. They are the heart of NATP.

At the heart of NATP lies a set of core values that guide us: inclusion and belonging, excellence, passion, and respect. These tenets aren't just phrases on a page; they're lived experiences and commitments embodied by our members, staff and partners and they represent the collective character and purpose of our community.



Our members rely on us to provide the knowledge and resources they need to deliver the highest level of service to their clients. We are grateful for their trust and are dedicated to delivering excellence. We set a high bar and don’t rest on our accomplishments, but build on them to be the best in the industry at what we do.



We choose to do the right thing; for our members, for our colleagues and for ourselves. Treating others how they wish to be treated and receiving the same in return creates an environment where trust lives, confidence grows and great things happen.


Inclusion and Belonging

Inclusion and belonging are at the core of who we are. Our commitment to these values is unwavering. Sharing our collective differences, talents, life experiences and self-expressions are encouraged. Together, we continue to build a welcoming environment that supports, celebrates, and benefits from the diverse perspectives and contributions of all.



We are excited about what we do for our members and for each other. Providing exceptional support for tax pros takes hard work, but our passion for delighting members and our focus on teamwork keeps our days challenging, fun and rewarding.

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