​​​​Reasons to Join NATP

Whether you’re a tax professional just starting out in your career or an experienced expert, NATP believes in you and the work you do to help your clients. We take pride in providing you with resources you won’t find anywhere else and helping you succeed in the ever-growing and changing industry.

As tax laws change, you can rely on NATP for professional advocacy within the government, guidance on how to apply updated federal tax code to your clients’ unique situations and relationships with communities of other tax professionals to help foster your career.


Join NATP and secure your professional success for years to come. Our members enjoy a number of benefits that include exceptional tax education, information-packed publications, access to live and online research services, resources for clients, invitations to local and national events, unending support from our group of tax law experts and IRS representation to make sure every voice is given the opportunity to be heard.

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Membership Includes


When you’re a member of NATP, you’re part of a thriving community of tax professionals looking to better themselves and provide their clients with the most accurate information. NATP membership also includes state chapter membership so you can connect with tax pros in your area to discuss state-specific issues.



Being informed of industry updates and new ways to apply the tax code is critical to you being able to do your job. All members receive weekly email updates with the latest in tax industry news, and Professional and Premium level members receive print publications that offer a more in-depth look at critical new developments in federal tax law, practical tax applications and other solutions to the day-to-day challenges of running a tax practice.




One of the main reasons our members initially join NATP is our abundance of education options. We take pride in our reputation of providing high-quality education with real-world experience. Depending on your membership level, you may receive unlimited access to our webinars and self-study courses. All memberships include ethics and due diligence webinars as well as business practice education.




Becoming a tax professional with a reputable practice doesn’t mean knowing everything – it means knowing where to turn when you need help. Our knowledgeable research team is here to help you answer your toughest questions related to your clients’ returns. Depending on your membership level, you'll receive research questions and access to the industry-favorite online tax research tool, TheTaxBook WebLibrary Plus.




The impact our members have on the lives of millions of taxpayers is a fact we don’t take lightly. Your right to practice in a fair environment, no matter how large or small your practice, matters to us. When your voice is needed to share concerns with our contacts within the IRS or to representatives in our government, we speak with the strength of 23,000 professional tax experts.

Fees and membership levels

No matter where you are in your career, we have a membership option for you!

*Some exclusions apply. Discount off regular price. All benefits refer to the national organization and may not apply to chapters. International members will receive digital publications.

New members are subject to an additional $25 application fee.

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Questions? Call us at 800-558-3402 ext. 3. You can also mail​ your application.

If you’re a Professional or Premium member, anyone in your office is eligible for Professional Associate membership at only $185. This option gives your staff instant access to our many benefits of membership. Learn more >

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