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Tax Knowledge Center

Tax Knowledge Center

​​​​​Federal Tax Inform​ation

Check out our array of informative and relevant tax materials, compiled to help you accurately complete your clients’ returns and stay updated on recent tax acts and news from the IRS.

​​Hot Topics

Delve deeper into some of the most talked about areas of tax and learn how to maintain your representation rights. We’ve developed informational pages and corresponding tools to help expand your grasp of some relevant and, at times, confusing tax topics.

​​Tax Office Tools

Is your practice meeting due diligence standards? We have the materials you need to make sure you’re running your business properly.


If you find yourself unsure about a client’s federal tax issue, give our team of research specialists a call! We answer over 30,000 tax questions each year and we’re ready to answer yours!

​​Government News

We’re all about advocating for our members on governmental issues that affect you and your right to practice. Check out this archive of comments we've submitted to the government.

​​State Tax Volunteers​

Have a question about an income tax issue in your state? Many of our members have volunteered their time to help answer basic questions about tax issues in their state. Find a volunteer today!​

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