Tax Knowledge Center

​​​​​Federal Tax Inform​ation

Check out our array of informative and relevant tax materials, compiled to help you accurately complete your clients’ returns and stay updated on recent tax acts and news from the IRS. Includes tax act summaries, worksheets, checklists, white papers and more.

​​Research Service

There’s no need to spend hours searching for answers to your clients’ unique tax situations. Our research team is here to deliver accurate answers, so you can spend more time providing the best possible service to your clients.

​​Government News

We serve as an advocate for all tax professionals on the governmental issues that affect you and your right to practice. Check out this archive of comments we've submitted to the government.

​​State Tax Volunteers​

Have a question about an income tax issue in your state? Many of our members have volunteered their time to discuss state tax issues with other members, so you can properly advise clients at the state and local level. Find a volunteer today!​

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