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TheTaxBook​ WebLibrary Plus is the most comprehensive online research tool available to tax professionals. It includes coverage of new legislation, tax organizers and consent/engage​ment letters. Resources cover individual, corporation and state information.


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TheTaxBook WebLibrary (a $349 value) is available as an add-on for Professional level members for $199 and is included with Premium level membership. Access to this tool will expire at the end of your current membership period and is nonrefundable. This benefit is not available for Basic or Professional Associate members.​​

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Tips and Features for using the 2022 WebLibrary
Tips and Features for using the 2021 WebLibrary

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TheTaxBook WebLibrary Plus includes:

  • 1040 Edition
  • Small Business Edition
  • All States Edition
  • California Edition
  • Depreciation Edition
  • Social Security & Medicare
  • What’s New Early Edition
  • What’s New Tax Season Edition
  • Occupations & Oddities
  • Update Service
  • FastTaxFacts Master Set
  • Tools for Tax Pros
  • TheTaxBook Archives (includes past TCJA editions)
  • Government Libraries
    • Publications
    • Forms & Instructions
    • Internal Revenue Code
    • Treasury Regulations
    • Court Cases
    • Letter Rulings
    • Revenue Procedures
    • Revenue Rulings
    • Notices
    • Announcements
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