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2018 Call for Nominations of Board Directors

Here is the official resolution​ calling for nominations for our 2019 Board of Directors for your review.

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In and Around Texas

Texas NATP Government Relations Committee members report on meetings held by various government entities. Texas Chapter members attend these meetings and provide the following information:

Please note: Current and future issues of Communications at a Glance are now found in Chapter News.

Helpful IRS Links

October 2016: Recent changes to Internal Revenue Manual (IRM)

The Small Business/Self-Employed Division of IRS is offering recent graduates jobs as part of a new IRS program in several locations around the country.

Texas Chapter Tax Center with links to IRS webpages.

Small Business Self-Employed (SBSE) IRS Stakeholder Liaison Division IRS Telephone Directory for Practitioners and Helpful Numbers and Websites for Texas.

IRS First Friday Meeting Notes

Do you have any issues you would like to make IRS aware of? IRS is now holding monthly meetings with practitioners on the first Friday of most months. These meetings are held to discuss systemic issues, not specific clients. The contact people for the First Friday Meetings are Melissa Lewis (melissa@vlbusinesssolution.com) and Greg Yokell (greg@ertaxservice.com).

Please note: Current and future issues of First Friday Meeting are now found in Chapter News.

"MARK" Award 

If you are interested in nominating someone for the "MARK" award, click  here for details and a form.

2018 Mark Award Recipient - Norma Collins

2018 Scholarship Application

Do you know a well-rounded student who possesses a strong work ethic and high integrity? If so, they may be eligible for our NATP Texas Chapter Scholarship. Click here​ for details and an application.

2018 Scholarship Recipient - Kayleigh Kitto

Chapter Mission Statement

To Educate and Communicate our unique resources and expertise to businesses, professionals, members and the general public.

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