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Picture Placeholder: Rafael Heredia, MBA
  • Rafael Heredia, MBA
14/13/2018 11:26 AM

Hello Everyone,

I have a client that place purchase orders to a vendor in Houston and request the vendor to ship drop that product in Florida and oher ocassions to ship the product to Colombia (i.e. it is exporting the product)

Can anyone give me a highlight whether those transaction are subject to sales tax as it is either delivered out of state or exported to Colombia?

Appreciate your inputs or feedback

Rafael Heredia


Robert Honza, EA4/11/2019 4:41 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Dr Alton K Easton, EA
  • Dr Alton K Easton, EA
012/15/2016 6:28 PM

Just wanted to remind everyone that there has been a number of new tax deadlines stating next month and to mark their calendars to avoid errors.

12/15/2016 6:28 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Ronald C Olson, EA
  • Ronald C Olson, EA
18/15/2016 12:14 PM

Are there plans for fall CPE sponsored by the Texas Chapter - date and location?  I'm scheduling my CPE for the fall and would like to attend a Texas class if one is available.


Ron Olson​

Susan J Cartmill, CPA8/16/2016 11:40 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Jose A Valdez
  • Jose A Valdez
06/21/2016 3:21 PM

​I have a client divorcing this year.  He will have income all year and she has had none yet.  Their divorce will be final in another month.  Everything I read is that she must file form 8958 for 2016 and include 1/2 his income for the months they are married, even though she will file single for 2016.  Have I missed something?  

6/21/2016 3:21 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Maria Bulgarelli, RTRP
  • Maria Bulgarelli, RTRP
25/10/2016 3:52 PM

I've ben in the tax industry for about 12 years now, but just recently joined the NATP.

I have a BSB in Accounting, Master's of Accounting, and am currently doing my PhD in Accounting. 

Quick question.  Does anyone have numbers on how many tax preparers there are in the US?  I'd love to get some numbers relatively quickly since I kind of need it for a paper. 



Susan J Cartmill, CPA5/17/2016 11:36 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Irmarie Mercado, EA,CB
  • Irmarie Mercado, EA,CB
108/3/2015 2:17 PM

​when and where 

Susan J Cartmill, CPA11/2/2015 8:11 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Gary Dale Keithley
  • Gary Dale Keithley
74/7/2015 4:41 PM

When & Where ?

Susan J Cartmill, CPA9/30/2015 2:12 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Donald G Jewkes, EA
  • Donald G Jewkes, EA
33/31/2015 8:30 PM

​Does any body know if vehicle taxes in TX are tax deductible?

Karen Coombes, EA7/9/2015 12:14 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Norman Fillmore, EA
  • Norman Fillmore, EA
18/7/2014 2:09 PM
Is sales tax on new personal residence construction deductible? PPC 1040 Deskbook Key Issue 27A says no where the contractor paid the Tax.  

But IRS Notice 2005-31 says if it is separately stated in a contact it is deductible. (I Think that's what it says).

The 1040 Instructions for this state it in a different way.  Here it states that if your contractor can be considered your agent in your state Etc. Etc. then it is deductible (Even if you did not pay it directly- I think).   NO MENTION IS MADE ABOUT A SEPARATED CONTRACT.

 I did a Star search on the Comptroller's Website using "contractor acting as agent"  and got Doc 8910L0992F05 which seems to say contactor cannot designate an agent... Not sure if that applies here.

All I have from the client so far on this is "Thats the amount my contractor told me he paid."
0811/14 - client advises it was a cost-plus contract and she got invoices from the contractor for materials that he paid -which included sales tax he paid. 
Norm Fillmore EA Figer & Co. Austin, TX, 


Lisa Cantrell12/9/2014 4:22 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: John Romero, EA
  • John Romero, EA
010/29/2014 12:22 PM

​I understand the Conference "Meet-n-Greet" will be on

Thursday evening. Correct?

I am looking forward to meeting our NEW members.

10/29/2014 12:22 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: William R Vogelpohl
  • William R Vogelpohl
212/27/2013 3:38 PM

I received 16 cpe taking a two day course at the Tax Practitioner

Workshop office in College Station, TX. sponsored by the Texas Extension Education Foundation, Inc.  Cost was $286.00

I cancelled the 1040 and Beyond classes for $359.00 by NATP.


May be something other Tax Preparers would want to check into.

These meeting are held all over the State.



Brett A Rosser, EA9/19/2014 3:47 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: John Romero, EA
  • John Romero, EA
08/10/2014 3:06 PM

​Ready for some great industry content by some really good speakers. Texas chapter dinner tonight...El Patron...6pm...

8/10/2014 3:06 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Harry J Picou, EA
  • Harry J Picou, EA
01/14/2014 4:18 PM

I have a client who moved to Houston/Galveston area and has been randomly selected for a Schedule C audit. I cannot go to Houston, can anyone assist my former client? Please contact me, Harry J Picou III EA, or 985/868-5002

1/14/2014 4:18 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Harry J Picou, EA
  • Harry J Picou, EA
01/14/2014 4:15 PM

I Have a client who moved to Houston/Galveston area and has been randomly selected for a Schedule C audit. I cannot go to Houston, can anyone assist? ​She was a real estate sales person while she was here. Contact Harry J Picou III, EA: or 985/868-5002

1/14/2014 4:15 PMNo
Picture: Megan Sonicksen, PFS
  • Megan Sonicksen, PFS
012/6/2013 10:37 AM

​With tax season fast approaching, remember your Chapter discussion board can be a great resource for state and local tax issues as well as utilizing the state tax volunteers.

Megan Sonicksen, NATP Tax Communications​
12/6/2013 10:37 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Megan Sonicksen
  • Megan Sonicksen
29/30/2013 9:03 AM

​Please use this discussion board for discussions specifically relating to the Chapter, state or local tax discussions.

For general discussion items relating to business management, federal tax or education, please use the discussion board located under Member Center>Community.

Brett A Rosser, EA10/18/2013 7:34 AMNo
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