Become a Board Member

​No successful member organization can exist without vision, leadership and a focus of purpose. This is what the NATP Board of Directors brings to this association.

As a member of the Board, you will help set the standard for excellence and integrity in the tax industry. Sure, it sounds like a tall order, but it doesn’t come without reward. Our Board members build relationships, identify challenges and develop solutions. Simply, they lead.

Our Board Member Brochure will help answer most questions you might have about becoming a Board member. We hope you will give it thoughtful consideration and perhaps choose to share your leadership gifts with this great association in the future.

Access Becoming a Board Member Brochure

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • Individuals must be at least 25 years of age and work full-time or part-time in the tax preparation industry
  • Individuals must be a member in good standing and have been a member of NATP for a minimum of three (3) of the last five (5) years, one of which is the year preceding their nomination. 
  • Individuals must have completed at least 20 hours of education provided by NATP either at the national or state level per year for each of the past three (3) years.
  • Individuals must have attended at least three (3) live, in person, educational events provided by NATP national within the last two years, and must have attended at least two (2) of the past five (5) National Conferences.

Please contact Jeri Christian at the NATP National office with questions and to take the next steps to become a member of the NATP Board. Jeri can be reached at 800.558.3402, ext. 1188 or at

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