​​​Online Training

These hands-on multi-day courses were designed as an introduction for tax preparers who have little knowledge or experience with the topic. For each training, you'll complete reading assignments prior to the instructor-led sessions. During the sessions, the instructors will discuss main concepts, apply real-life scenarios and answer learner questions. At the end of each training, you'll complete a case study that reinforces concepts learned.

About online training:

  •    Self-paced study assignments
  •    Case studies to apply concepts
  •    Instructor/trainer available for questions
  •    Attend instructor-led sessions

Upcoming courses

Basics and Beyond of Cryptocurrency Taxes
June 29 - July 13 (class full)
Aug. 2 - 16 (class full)

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Introduction to Individual Tax Preparation
Sept. 19-26
Nov. 8-17

Introduction to Schedules C and E
Oct. 3-7
Nov. 21-28

Basics of Business Entity Taxation
Aug. 8-12
Oct. 25-31

Reporting Unique Form 1040 Transactions
Nov. 2-4
Dec. 6-8

Resolving Complicated Partnership and S Corporation Activity
Oct. 6-13
Nov. 11-18

S Corporation series
Aug. 2-31

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