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Our webinars provide a convenient way to learn about popular tax matters, ranging from corporate, individual, update and ethics topics. ​All live webinars are archived and available on-demand​ throughout the year.​​​​

About our live webinars:

  •    Typically 1-2 hours long
  •    Online instructor-led course
  •    Researchers available to answer questions
  •    Answer polling questions to receive CPE
  •    Includes webinar recording and presentation slides
  •    Includes certificate of completion

These courses are included with Premium level membership. Professional level members can use code FREECPE at checkout to redeem one 2 CPE webinar per membership period.​​​​

2021 Webinars​​​​​​



Determining Tax Treatment of Rental Property Webinar

Converting a Sole Proprietorship to a Partnership Webinar

Tax Treatment of Installment Sales Webinar

Completing Form 4797 - Sales of Business Property Webinar

Preparing Taxes for a Nonresident Alien with Form 1040-NR Webinar

Reporting Repossessions and Cancellation of Debt Income Webinar

Preparing Taxes for a Real Estate Professional Webinar

Learning to Set Up a Partnership Webinar

Understanding Partnership Basis and Unreimbursed Expenses Webinar

Preparing Complex Partnership Returns, Including Multi-State and PTPs Webinar

Preparing Taxes for a Farmer Webinar

Tax Rules and Reporting of Virtual Currency Webinar

Completing Form 8824 - Like-Kind Exchanges Webinar

Understanding the Rules of the Qualified Business Income Deduction Webinar

Income Sourcing and Tax Treaties Webinar

Taxation of U.S. Expatriates Webinar

International Students, Dual Status, Nonresident and ITINs Webinar

Foreign Retirement Reporting Webinar

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion vs. Foreign Tax Credit for Individuals Webinar

Introduction to Foreign Trusts Webinar

Foreign Corporate Tax Issues for Individuals Webinar

Introduction to Foreign Partnerships Webinar

Tax Issues of Jointly Held Property Webinar

Tax Treatment of Self-Directed IRAs Webinar

Tax Consequences of Legal Settlements Webinar

Completing Form 3115 - Changing Accounting Methods Webinar

Helping Clients Plan for Retirement Webinar

Tax Impacts of Selling a Business Webinar

Tax Planning for Those with Special Needs Webinar

Year-End Individual Tax Planning Webinar

Resolving Common Issues and Errors on Forms 1099 Webinar

Performing Effective Client Interviews Webinar

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