Learning to Use TheTaxBook WebLibrary Member Benefit On-Demand Webinar


TheTaxBook WebLibrary Plus is the most comprehensive online research tool available to tax professionals. It includes every book Tax Materials Inc. publishes online in PDF format dating back to 2009. Resources cover individual, corporation and state information. In-depth coverage of new legislation, depreciation, Social Security, tax organizers, consent/engagement letters along with government documents such as publications, forms and instructions, IRS, Treasury regulations, court cases, letter rulings, revenue procedures, revenue rulings, notices and announcements. TheTaxBook WebLibrary Plus is available as an add-on for Professional members for $65 and is included with Premium membership.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to access a variety of federal and state tax libraries, every book offered by Tax Materials Inc. as well as government libraries
  • Understand the variety of search options in the product, including the ability to search only the index, search a specific library or libraries, or search the entire system
  • Learn to access your search history, bookmark documents and access saved searches directly from the home page.
  • Learn how to create a shortcut on your computer for easy accessibility

Course Details

This webinar includes presentation slides and the live webinar recording


Presented by: Jacob Meyer

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