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Liquidating an S Corporation


When an S corporation stops operations, the liquidation process is not as simple of a task as one may think for tax purposes. Take this webinar to learn the process of liquidating an S corporation for tax purposes. Once an S corporation liquidates, the task may not be over. Occasionally issues arise after liquidation the shareholder must report. Learn how to handle these situations so they don’t catch you off guard when you encounter them.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine when a liquidation occurs.
  • Identify the tax consequences of a liquidation at the S corporation level.
  • Identify the tax consequences of a liquidation at the shareholder level.
  • Properly report the liquidation.
  • Determine proper treatment of transactions that occur after liquidation.

Course Details

Includes webinar recording, PowerPoint presentation and Q&A webinar transcript. CPE is issued after exam is successfully completed.


Presented by: Larry Zimbler, MST, EA

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