Schedule C Hobby Loss Exam Webinar


The IRS allows deductions for ordinary and necessary expenses for a business; however, if the IRS deems the activity a hobby because it’s not engaged in for profit, expenses will be limited. This webinar will review the hobby loss rules under §183, and what you should do before and during an IRS exam to help save those claimed losses.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Summarize the hobby loss rules
  • Describe the nine factors the IRS uses to determine if an activity is a business or hobby
  • Identify things the practitioner can do with clients to bolster their case that the activity is not a hobby

Course Details

Subject matter experts will answer your questions during the presentation. We make every effort to answer as many questions as possible during the webinar but we may not be able to directly address every question.

This webinar includes the presentation slides, attendee top questions and access to the webinar recording.


Presented by: Eric Green, Attorney

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