The Accountant's Role in Criminal Tax Cases Webinar


When clients find themselves the target of an IRS criminal investigation, most taxpayers suddenly realize they need an attorney.  However, one of the key players in defending the taxpayer will be the accountant who works in the background to help the defense recreate expenses, attack overzealous numbers from the IRS criminal investigation, and act as experts for the criminal defense.  This program will explain the key roles played by accountants, the role of tax loss calculations in the case, what exactly a “Kovel Accountant” is, and why many accountants realize that criminal cases are not only fascinating to work on but can be extremely lucrative engagements.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the criminal tax process.
  • Describe the role that tax loss calculations play in the criminal tax case.
  • Identify opportunities for records reconstruction.
  • Understand how the "Kovel" relationship works and when it is applicable.

Course Details

Our researchers will answer your questions during the presentation. This webinar includes the presentation slides, Attendee Top Questions and access to the webinar recording.


Presented by: Eric L. Green, ESQ

​​​​​How to Earn CPE

​To receive full credit for a webinar, you must respond to at least 70% of the polling questions that are asked by the instructor during the webinar and you must be logged in for at least 90% of the presentation.

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Cancellation Policy

Because this is an online education offering, it is nonrefundable.

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