1040 Workshop1040 Workshops - King of Prussia, PA - November 29-30, 2017<h3> The Essential 1040&reg</h3> <p> Prepare to serve your clients during tax season by getting up to speed on all the latest tax law changes and updates! This course covers the standard features of the inflation-indexed updates for preparing individuals’ 2017 tax returns, new tax laws applicable to 2017, and recent developments. This is combined with two hours of Ethics.</p> <h3>Beyond The 1040&reg</h3> <p>Go beyond your tax update by taking this in-depth course relating to unique tax situations faced by clients who have specialty occupations or work abroad. You’ll be walked through the proper tax reporting requirements for occupations such as clergy members, truckers, cannabis farmers, gamblers, barbers and beauticians, home flippers, Airbnb operators and beyond. You’ll also examine when workers are considered employees or independent contractors, and whether a taxpayer is truly engaged in a business or is subject to hobby loss rules. Other topics this course will cover include foreign-sourced income reporting and the tax impact of life estates.</p> <h3>Course Details </h3> <p>You’ll receive a textbook on-site at the workshop when you check in. If you’d prefer to review the material prior, you will have access to the e-book in <a href="http://natptax.absorbtraining.com/#/courses">My Course Materials</a>.</p>The Essential 1040 also includes a January on-demand webinar covering any last minute tax law changes, quick reference desk card and tax law quick reference guide with flowcharts.</p>2017-05-01T04:00:00Z2017-12-31T05:00:00Z2017-05-01T04:00:00Z2017-05-01T04:00:00Z2017-05-01T04:00:00Zhttps://www2.natptax.com/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?Reg_evt_key=0a15041e-e65e-43b9-8435-181e50c057d0&WebCode=EvtRedirectorTLhttps://www2.natptax.com/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?Reg_evt_key=583d3c4c-3e8a-4031-a10e-3641528a24c5&WebCode=EvtRedirectorTLhttps://www2.natptax.com/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?Reg_evt_key=9a20ef0d-e9dd-4147-940f-535d1513d587&WebCode=EvtRedirectorTLKing of PrussiaF170932017-05-01T04:00:00Z2017-05-01T04:00:00Z2017-05-01T04:00:00Z260 Mall BoulevardKing of PrussiaCrowne Plaza Philadelphia- King of Prussia(610) 265-7500PAhttps://www.ihg.com/crowneplaza/hotels/us/en/reservation?springEx=book-405#roomratestitle19406Raj Prashadhttps://www.natptax.com/EventsAndEducation/About/Pages/RajPrashad%2cCFP%c2%ae%2cEA.aspxPA10402017November2017-11-29T13:00:00Z2017-11-29T13:00:00Z2017-11-30T13:00:00Z$159 - If you reserve your room by 10/29

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