2020 NATP National Conference Announcement

The National Office staff and Board of Directors, in close collaboration with the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio, have determined that the in-person 2020 National Conference & Expo will be canceled. As you might expect, this decision is made due to public health and safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we are disappointed that we won’t be enjoying our yearly gathering of education and friendship, we are pleased to announce that a new event will be held virtually over the same week – July 27-31. It is our mission to deliver much of the education already planned, time to connect with sponsors and exhibitors, special presentations to include keynote speakers and awards and social spaces for you to connect with each other. Stay tuned for additional information regarding our virtual event.

If you've already registered for our National Conference, please check your email for information regarding transferring a part of your fee to another event or receive a full refund. If you prefer not to wait for that email and instead receive an immediate refund, please contact our Member Services team at 800-558-3402, ext. 3, or at natp@natptax.com.

FAQ Regarding Our Cancellation

How will I be refunded my Conference fees? Do I need to call or email?

Before June 1, you will receive an email that includes additional information regarding our new virtual event. We hope that you will consider transferring your fees to that event! Any remaining credit may be refunded or applied to other options. At that time, you’ll also have the option to have your fees completely refunded.

If you prefer not to wait until then, please contact our Member Services team at 800-558-3402, ext. 3, or at natp@natptax.com to be immediately issued a full refund.

Will I receive a refund for the Chapter tours, city tours and guest passes or recorded Conference sessions?

Yes, when we send you an email with your options regarding our upcoming virtual event, these fees will be included in that amount. You may have those fees completely refunded.

If I purchased the recorded Conference sessions, does that mean I will have access to your virtual event?

No, the virtual event will be a separate event. If you purchased the recorded conference sessions, they will be refunded with the rest of your Conference fee.

How can I cancel my hotel room reservation?

The hotel will automatically cancel room reservations that were booked using the NATP group code the week of May 18. If your reservation did not include the code, please contact the hotel directly to cancel your reservation at 210-224-1234.

Are there any details that you can share about your virtual event?

We are hard at work and well into the development stages of this new event! Our virtual event will be held the same week as our National Conference was originally scheduled – July 27-31. We are currently finalizing many items, including session details, schedule and exhibitor access.

Will Conference take place in San Antonio in the future?

We plan to host a future event in San Antonio in 2023. Stay tuned!

Will you still be collecting money for the local Conference charity?

Yes! If you are able to contribute, we’re excited to continue working with The Children’s Shelter in San Antonio. Alongside the charity, we are working on developing an event to raise additional funds. Stay tuned for more information on how you and your chapter can help out.

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