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Previous Events

WI NATP Spring SeminarJune 2024Eau Claire​
WI NATP 2023 Fall SeminarNov. 2023Lake Delton
WI NATP Wisconsin Tax Update SeminarSept. 2023Weston
WI NATP Farm SeminarSept. 2023Weston
WI NATP Spring Seminar 2023June 2023Fontana
WI Fall SeminarNov. 2022Pewaukee
WI NATP Tax Update SeminarSept. 2022Pewaukee
WI NATP Farm SeminarSept. 2022Pewaukee
WI NATP Spring SeminarJune 2022Fond Du Lac
WI 2021 Fall SeminarNov. 2021Wausau
WI NATP Farm Seminar
Sept. 2021Wausau
WI NATP WI Tax Update SeminarSept. 2021Wausau
WI NATP Spring SeminarJune 2021Neenah
WI Fall SeminarNov. 2020Pewaukee
WI NATP WI Tax Update SeminarSept. 2020Pewaukee
WI NATP Farm Tax SeminarSept. 2020Pewaukee
Final 1040 and 1041 SimulcastNov. 2019Appleton and Eau Claire
​Fall SeminarOct./Nov. 2019Wisconsin Dells
Tax Update SeminarSept. 2019Wisconsin Dells
Farm Tax SeminarSept. 2019Wisconsin Dells
Spring SeminarJune 2018Janesville
Fall SeminarNov. 2018Tomah
Farm Tax SeminarSept. 2018Tomah
WI Tax & Update SeminarSept. 2018Tomah
Spring SeminarJune 2018Pewaukee
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