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In order to provide our customers with information sources in a timely manner, the Internal Revenue Service is expanding the use of tools such as electronic mail services. One of these services is the Local News Net, an electronic mail subscription service intended to provide information that is localized, targeted, and timely for the benefit of tax professionals servicing a specific geographical area. We may also use this system, in the future, to deliver information for specific industry areas.

To explore this e-mail service further, and for subscription information, follow the links to the IRS web site, the Digital Daily, as shown below:

Point your web browser to the address: to view The Newsroom page of Digital Daily.

Click on the e-News Service link under Contents at the left side of the screen.

Follow the instructions provided on the e-News Service web page. If you subscribe to the Local News Net you will receive a return e-mail requesting your reply. This reply will confirm your addition to, or removal from, the list server.

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