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To provide educational services that will enable our members to reach their goals in the tax preparation profession, to protect the rights of free enterprise for tax professionals and to participate in the formation of good public policy.

To encourage and evaluate member involvement.

To promote and enforce a Code of Ethics in tax practice.

To continuously strive to enhance the image of the National Association of Tax Professionals and its members.

To be aware of, to develop and provide services to meet the needs of our members.

To develop quality educational programs that provide a practical approach to the application of tax law.

To ensure two-way communication between the National Association of Tax Professionals and its members by developing networks for the exchange of information.

To be informed on governmental issues affecting the tax practice profession and take appropriate action to represent the interest of our members in the development of good public policy.

To provide guidance to members in the technological advances in office practices as they pertain to the preparation of taxes.

To develop the necessary resources to carry out the mission of the National Association of Tax Professionals.

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