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The Plantation On Crystal River November Conference
Date: November 7-9, 2021
Location: The Plantation on Crystal River, FL

General Conference Information:

Contact Laura Wood, EA, VP and Education Chair
laura@namsinc.net or via the FL Chapter Facebook page

Registration Information Only:

Contact Sandra Torrence, EA, Treasurer
Phone number: 386-423-7771
Email address: confidential1227@aol.com

Information is subject to change


Previous Events

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​FL Daytona WorkshopJan. 6, 2021Daytona Beach
​Fall Conference and Annual MeetingNov. 12-13, 2020Daytona Beach
​Seminar at Sea with Kathryn KeaneNov. 3-8, 2018Pompano Beach
​Networking East Coast​Oct. 10, 2018Pompano Beach​
​Networking East CoastAug. 14, 2018Pompano Beach
​Networking West Coast​Aug. 14, 2018​New ​Port Richey
​2018 Spring Conference​May 17-18Daytona Beach
​2018 Daytona Workshop​Jan. 5Daytona Beach
​2017 Annual Meeting​Dec. 6Orlando
​2017 Spring Conference​May 18-19Daytona Beach
​2016 Annual Meeting​Oct. 20-21Ocala
2016 Spring ConferenceMay 19-20Daytona Beach
2015 Annual Conference​ Nov.​ 12-13​West Palm Beach​
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