Advertising & Exhibiting Opportunities

As the largest association dedicated to excellence in tax preparation (23,000+ members), we’ve really gotten to know the industry. When it comes to providing great products and services, tax pros trust us to help them succeed. Gain access to this community today by taking advantage of our advertising, exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities. Contact us at 800-558-3402, ext. 1179 or at

Exhibiting / Sponsorships

Our expo hall will give you and your company the opportunity to interact with attendees and expand your brand. Join us at:

National Conference • San Antonio • Grand Hyatt • July 27-30, 2020
Tax Forums • Atlantic City • Harrah’s • Sept. 22 & 23, 2020
Tax Forums • Las Vegas • Planet Hollywood • Sept. 29 & 30, 2020
Tax Forums • TBD

For event details, including exhibiting and sponsoring, email us at

TAXPRO Journal Advertising

If you’re looking for an ideal target audience that’s made up of dedicated customers, buyers with purchasing power and leaders who want to hear your message, we can help. 23,000+ members receive our award-winning TAXPRO Journal and fully understand what it takes to make a profit, expand a company, streamline an operation and use purchasing power to their best advantage.

Download a PDF of TAXPRO Journal ad sizes and prices

Dedicated Emails

We can help you introduce your products or services to our entire membership by sending an email on your behalf with your desired communication message. Content must be sent in plain text with limited formatting and graphics or as an HTML file. Email reports provided upon request. Limited opportunities available each month. I'm interested

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