Tax Help Software (THS) is the original program that requests, downloads, and analyzes IRS transcript data to find opportunities and issues with your client’s taxes. The program interfaces with IRS e-Services. Currently THS can download 25,000+ transcripts per hour, which is the best in industry. This software provides:

  • Predictive Post Filing Compliance: Identifies audits & CP2000s six months or more in advance in addition to IRS Notices reducing off season isues saving payroll. New CP2000 checker compares W&I and return transcripts as early as May identifying unreported income up to a year before the IRS checks.
  • Proven Technology: Our users have downloaded over 500 million transcripts since 2013.
  • Improved Client Relationships: Finds missed refund opportunities improving client onboarding and follow ups.
  • Easy to Use: Setup takes less than 15 minutes. Our standard Intelli-Order feature identifies which transcripts to request for each taxpayer.
  • Increased Per Client Revenue: Use our included IRS Audit Detection and Account Tracking Product to generate thousands of dollars in passive income each tax season.

Special offer: Tax Help Software is offering members a special rate of $250 for fully loaded Executive License for 6 months, which includes a 45 day Tax Mentor trial and 3 Case Consultation Reports

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