Small tax firms lose on average $24,700/year from underpriced clients.

Our pricing engine recommends the perfect price for any tax or accounting client, in seconds. The pricing data is from 1,000+ firms.

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How much are underpriced clients costing you?

  • You’re worth more than you charge and need to update your fee schedule.
  • You want to raise fees but you don’t want to lose clients.
  • You’re giving away too much free work answering a million “quick questions”.
  • It feels awkward talking about fees and you don’t want to “hard-sell” clients.
  • Sending proposals feels too hard so you just “wing it”.

Use Engage Software to price clients with confidence

See what services your clients need: Use the Magic Client Pricing Link™

  • Email or text a client one link to find out what services they need.
  • Clients see up to three pricing options based on your fee schedule, then auto-enroll into your onboarding process or book a time on your calendar.

Perfectly price any client: Use the Client Services Calculator™

  • Get pricing out of your head and get paid what you deserve.
  • Our software asks simple, “no-tax-jargon” questions about the client’s life and business to automatically match their needs with one of your service packages.

Onboard clients 2-10x faster: Use the Automated Onboarding Dashboard™

  • Secure “no-login needed” dashboard for clients to speed through onboarding tasks.
  • Collect payments, upload & e-sign documents, and answer questions, all through pre-built checklists that align with the services the client enrolled in.

Eliminate scope creep: Use the Scope Enforcer™

  • Completely control scope for every client.
  • Visually display what’s included in their engagement and what’s not.
  • Easily add new paid services on the fly and protect your margins.

Want help with your fee schedule?

Two ways we can help:

  1. Download our Perfect Pricing Template©.
    See how to perfectly price any client in 3 simple steps.

  2. Click here to get a recommended Fee Schedule for FREE.
    (Plus NATP Members get an exclusive 30% discount on Engage Software™).
Get a recommended fee schedule
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