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Picture Placeholder: Patricia Schofield, AFSP
  • Patricia Schofield, AFSP
15/1/2019 1:39 PM

​Are there seminars that focus on MI income tax only? I go to federal seminars all the time. I need to learn more on MI taxtaion.

Anna I Mayer, EA5/2/2019 9:22 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Jason Michael Hanflik, EA
  • Jason Michael Hanflik, EA
11/26/2019 2:04 PM

Hi everyone,

I have a client who miscoded two tax withholding payments [e-filed with the IRS] related to 941s. The specific issue is that the two deposits were done by ACH, but my client miscoded the deposits in the bank's website [the client said it was for the 3rd quarter of 2018, but the client coded it for the 4th quarter of 2018 accidently]. The IRS picked up on the miscoding and sent my client a letter saying that they are going to put a lien on my client. My client has been sending letters to the IRS and trying to call them to get it straightened out, but to no avail due to the government shut down. 

Has anyone else been having this issue lately?

If so, what should I advise my client to do?

Jason Michael Hanflik, EA1/28/2019 3:29 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Thomas Hill
  • Thomas Hill
112/21/2018 10:20 AM

​Does THR need to include income contributed from a dependent and/or minor child?  Is there a good online resource that sumamrizes all the required items to be included in THR?

Anna I Mayer, EA12/27/2018 11:49 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Sally Operacz, EA
  • Sally Operacz, EA
05/30/2018 10:39 AM

​Looking to slow down next tax season then retire. I have 500 clients that have appointment time scheduled for the next tax season. Clients are very loyal.  I do not advertise and share the office with another tax preparer / accounting and tax business,  which helps for summer time office hours and expenses. 

Interested​ Preparers contact email '". 

My practice is located in Lambertville, MI.

5/30/2018 10:39 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Harry C Dickson, ATP
  • Harry C Dickson, ATP
12/8/2018 8:40 AM

​ as defined under social security guidelines 42 usc 416

Down loaded this section., per irs, which details information that does'nt seem to apply  to this subject.

My client qualifies for disablity social security which seems to me , would also qualify for the additional  $2600 exemption for michigan.

Any one have any dealings with this situation?

Anna I Mayer, EA2/8/2018 9:05 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Robert B Carroll, MBA,EA
  • Robert B Carroll, MBA,EA
05/10/2017 6:06 AM

​After 42 years in the tax profession, I have decided to retire from tax preparation. NATP member since 1996.

Business in Plymouth since 2006; prior to that 10 years in Livonia. Over 550 consistent clients. 95% make their next year tax appointment once their current year tax work is finished. ZERO advertising/promotion costs. Word of mouth brings in more work that I can handle.

Open to any ideas/discussions with anyone who is interested in taking over a thriving practice.

May reach me at

5/10/2017 6:06 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: David Edward Bystry, EA
  • David Edward Bystry, EA
15/2/2017 8:02 PM

Who is attending the conference @ Fire Keepers. I just booked my room. Looking forward to See some old friends and meet some new ones!  ​

Ghada Mansoor, EA5/3/2017 11:21 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Stephanie Bruns, EA
  • Stephanie Bruns, EA
12/2/2017 3:59 PM

​I have a client who is a MI resident now. He has substantial W-2G slot winnings for 2016. We have determined that the daily basis reporting of his slot winnings may be more beneficial to lower his MI taxable income. He is concerned about how MI looks at these returns. Has anyone had experience with reporting the income on the net per day basis instead of as an itemized deduction and what has your outcome been? ​I appreciate your does he. 

Anna I Mayer, EA2/3/2017 11:28 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Jacqueline Watson
  • Jacqueline Watson
010/18/2016 4:27 PM

​Has anyone had any success with the Michigan Offer-In-Compromise program? 

I submitted an offer for a client who had a successful federal offer.  The Michigan offer was declined.  We are going to resubmit, but was wondering if anyone else has tried the Michigan OIC program.


10/18/2016 4:27 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Michael L Murphy, EA
  • Michael L Murphy, EA
07/15/2016 1:49 PM

​My tax office, General Tax Service, will have two offices available for rent in October 2016.  Both offices are 90 sq ft..and enclosed.  We are located in Chesterfield, Mi at 48832 Gratiot Ave at 22 mile road.  General Tax currently has 6 tax pratitioners all with many years of experience. We are looking for a Tax Pratitioner, Accountant or an Attorney to lease these offices.  Rent will be $400.00 per month  that will include utilities and internet service.

Please contact me at or 586-598-5070.  If calling listen to the prompts and leave the message for Michael Murphy and I'll get back with you.

Thank You,

Michael Murphy, EA

7/15/2016 1:49 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Cynthia Salinis, EA
  • Cynthia Salinis, EA
07/13/2016 8:58 AM

​I am attending the S Corp in Bath Michigan I would like to carpool with anyone from the White Lake, Waterford, Clarkston, Highland area

Please contact me at 248-933-8777 or if you would like to ride together

Thank You

Cynthia Salinis, EA

7/13/2016 8:58 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Diana Peagler, AFSP
  • Diana Peagler, AFSP
05/17/2016 1:26 PM

​I am seeking a tax professional who has expertise in handling a medical practice business sale. There are no partners.

I can be reached at my email: or by phone at (248) 356-6555.



5/17/2016 1:26 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Cynthia Salinis, EA
  • Cynthia Salinis, EA
04/12/2016 4:11 PM

T/P paid sons college tuition with funds from Upromise

Funds in Upromise came from credit card use by T/P over many years.

I believe no Education Credit as funds came from Upromise which to me is like a 529 plan.

Any experience with this situation?

4/12/2016 4:11 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Cynthia Salinis, EA
  • Cynthia Salinis, EA
24/10/2016 10:43 AM

T/P recieved Form W-2G from casino for $7000.

T/P also recieved Form 1099-Misc from same casino for a prize won entries for Prize are based on slot play.

My program will allow gambling losses only up to the amount of gambling winnings on Form W-2G

T/P has letter from casino showing slot gambling losses in the amount of $28,000.

Makes quite a difference in the fact that when gambling losses are limited T/P owes federal tax, if I can take the gambling losses from the prize T/P gets a refund

Any experience with this situation

Thank You​

Cynthia Salinis, EA4/11/2016 5:51 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Deborah Ann Madison, EA
  • Deborah Ann Madison, EA
19/30/2015 12:35 PM

​Has only been receiving emails saying that the person is in need of help for thier payroll.  I've gotten 3 EXACT emails (same misspellings and no use of caps).  I emailed one back via my iPhone and asked them to call me to discuss.  They emailed me a PDF and asked that I review it.  Of course I deleted it and there was no contact info in the email.  I am thinking its someone trying to go after tax offices to steal client information from our computers - any thoughts?!

Marilyn Meredith, EA,AFSP11/8/2015 8:00 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Gary Earl Nowitzke, EA
  • Gary Earl Nowitzke, EA
19/23/2015 12:11 PM

I have a client who is the personal rep for a deceased taxpayer. The deceased died in Jan 2015 and he wants to get the 1041 done asap so he can pay out the beneficiaries. Are the 2015 forms even out and do I have to wait until January to get all the 1099's from the cashed in IRA's before I do the 1041?​

Marilyn Meredith, EA,AFSP11/8/2015 7:59 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Marilyn G Prillwitz
  • Marilyn G Prillwitz
12/11/2015 10:24 AM




Diane J Skop, EA2/25/2015 5:55 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Cindy Rae Snyder
  • Cindy Rae Snyder
312/15/2014 11:50 AM

​Could you tell me about when the Quick finders will be in.

Thank you.

Diane J Skop, EA2/25/2015 5:53 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Michael J Chaffee, CPA
  • Michael J Chaffee, CPA
12/16/2015 3:13 PM

Is anyone aware of an organization to mediate disputes with Clients? I thought I heard at a meeting that the NATP provides or knows of a good organization to use for mediations.

​I don't have a need at this red-hot second. I just want the name of the organization to put into my engagement letter.

Diane J Skop, EA2/25/2015 5:51 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Mary C Saylor, EA,CFP(R)
  • Mary C Saylor, EA,CFP(R)
01/8/2015 6:25 PM

​  Diane,  If you have any extra Premium Quickfinders could you save me one for tomorrow?   Mary Saylor

1/8/2015 6:25 PMNo
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