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Picture Placeholder: Elena Leontyeva
  • Elena Leontyeva
07/2/2019 1:22 PM

​Hello members,

I am looking for help with Estate and Trust tax returns preparation. Two of my clients' relatives are passed, and I need to prepare the final 1040, estate, and trust tax returns. Can anyone guide me since I am doing that a first time? I want to make sure I get it right.

Thank you in advance!​​
7/2/2019 1:22 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Brian Ward Knight
  • Brian Ward Knight
13/20/2018 4:12 PM

I had request an account transcript for a client but when it came it did not have the EIN numbers of any of the companies who reported income given to her.  When did, why di they stop included these important numbers when lost w2 and 1099 ?​

Charles Duley10/23/2018 3:44 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Loren Bidle, AFSP
  • Loren Bidle, AFSP
18/21/2017 11:16 AM

​I have a client that the State of Maryland Disallowed all his expenses but included his income.  I filed an appeal however they want every receipt that supports the expenses.  Any adivce on how to handle this problem?

Brian Ward Knight3/6/2018 4:04 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Mary Rose Martino, EA
  • Mary Rose Martino, EA
310/7/2015 12:46 PM

I have a MD client who is hiring a nanny and wants to be compliant with nanny taxes.  I know how to file the schedule H for the feds but how does he pay the taxes due for Maryland?  Thanks for your help​

Ana Maria Barnabe, CPA10/22/2017 11:25 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Elena Leontyeva
  • Elena Leontyeva
010/2/2017 3:32 PM

​Hello Everyone,

I am looking for someone who can help me to work with client who has 1031 exchange. I have never worked with 1031 exchange before and I would like to meet someone who can help me with that.

Please contact me on my email:


Thank you very much in advance!

10/2/2017 3:32 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Margaret B Crenshaw, AFSP
  • Margaret B Crenshaw, AFSP
13/1/2017 7:12 AM

I am preparing a DC return.  The taxpayer shares an apartment with 2 other people.  Each of them file a DC tax return.  Can they each get the $1000 renters credit if their income is less than $50K?  Just wanted to make sure that they don't have to split this credit between the 3 of them.  Thank you!​

Noreen Kaminski, AFSP3/22/2017 12:37 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Nancy Avitabile, EA
  • Nancy Avitabile, EA
87/31/2015 12:41 PM

​I've had a tax practice in the MD/VA/DC area since 1989 and I'm looking to retire. I have about 100 individual tax clients, 10 non-profits and some corporate and partnership clients. Most of my client's returns are fairly basic although I do a few complicated returns. I'm looking for someone who is very good in tax work and wants to expand their practice. I would be willling to phase in over the next year to accomodate a smooth transition. Many of my clients hae been with me for decades and I really care about the service that I give them. I use Drake software.

Please contact me if you have any interest.

Nancy Avitabile, EA

Noreen Kaminski, AFSP3/22/2017 12:21 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Howard Krakower, MBA,AFSP
  • Howard Krakower, MBA,AFSP
05/27/2016 3:21 PM

Just finished my first season preparing taxes in Maryland. This is a side/second job and while I am a liscensed MD tax preparer, I am not an EA or CPA.  I would like to have someone I can refer clients to if they need representation for an audit or services I cannot provide.

If interested please email me at!



5/27/2016 3:21 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Brian Ward Knight
  • Brian Ward Knight
13/30/2016 5:22 PM

​I have been doinf taxes for over 20 years and it seems that more and more clients new and old have decided to claim more exemption then they can claim at the end of the year and are paying less tax into both the state and federl systems.  I have been warning them that the IRS can and is asssessing a under payment penalty and in one client's case forced the employer to not allow  him to claim exempt from taxes box could not be checked.  Has everyone seen an increase in these same clients?

Harold J Garson4/1/2016 12:23 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Edward John Ristenbatt, RTRP
  • Edward John Ristenbatt, RTRP
15/22/2015 12:14 PM

​Will Maryland State be sending out any guidelines on filing amended returns?  Since the case went to 2006 can I file my clients amended returns back to that year?

William Thomas Marcoux, Jr, EA10/29/2015 5:52 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: April M Bittle Kurzke, AFSP
  • April M Bittle Kurzke, AFSP
18/7/2015 8:48 AM

​Hello NATP Members from Maryland, Deleware and Washington DC

Virginia Chapter is holding its annual conference on November 5 & 6, 2015 at the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton, 50 Kingsmill Rd., Williamsburg, VA 23185 Phone: 757 220-2500

We would love to see members from boarding states join our conference.  Please call me for more information.

April Bittle-Kurzke, 2015 Virginia Chapter President

cell: 908 295-9730

Richard Radhe, EA8/24/2015 9:26 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Frank Adu-Asare
  • Frank Adu-Asare
15/13/2014 7:38 PM


I have just recently moved to Burtonsville, MD and will like to connect with a local tax professional. You can email me at and cc


Frank Adu-Asare

Michael L Gunn6/17/2014 9:52 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Idowu Balogun, EA
  • Idowu Balogun, EA
13/31/2014 9:46 AM


I am working on 2013  District of Columbia 1099-Suvivor Benefit with distribution code of  4-Death Benefit .

I am trying to determine if this is a Taxable Income for the Survivor who is 82 years old for the District of Columbia.

Thanks NOBLE

My email is

NATP # 300003965

Sanford Saidman, EA,ATA,ATP4/27/2014 11:09 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Megan Sonicksen
  • Megan Sonicksen
19/30/2013 8:00 AM

Please use this discussion board for discussions specifically relating to the Chapter, state or local tax discussions.

For general discussion items relating to business management, federal tax or education, please use the discussion board located under Member Center>Community.

Idowu Balogun, EA3/31/2014 9:44 AMNo
Picture: Megan Sonicksen, PFS
  • Megan Sonicksen, PFS
212/6/2013 10:30 AM

​With tax season fast approaching, remember your Chapter discussion board can be a great resource for state and local tax issues as well as utilizing the state tax volunteers.

Megan Sonicksen, NATP Tax Communications​
Anita C Simpers, EA1/17/2014 4:41 AMNo
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