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Join NATP and Drake Software for this roundtable discussion. We have assembled industry leaders and tax experts to discuss today’s most pressing issues facing tax professionals and their clients. You’ll hear what to expect and how to prepare for the challenges of tax season 2022 from people in the know.

These discussions are available for free to all tax preparers, just simply log into your NATP account to access!

Earned Income Tax Credit & Hot Topics

Thank you to Drake Software for joining us to tackle a topic that has a lot of changes for the upcoming tax season: the earned income tax credit. We'll also cover other hot topics, including the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and IP PINs.

Advanced Child Tax Credit & Hot Topics

Panelists include Drake Software's chief revenue officer, John Sapp, CPA, and tax analyst, Bob Nolan, EA, CPA, along with NATP's director of tax content and government relations, Rhonda Collins, CPA, MBA, EA, and tax research specialist, Sheri Fronsee, CPA.

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