Research Fees

​​Research Fees

Each member is entitled to one FREE research answer per calendar year as a member benefit. After the first free question, a $33 per answer charge applies for NATP members.

Nonmembers are charged $66 per answer.

How We Bill

Billing is per answer, not per call. Follow-up questions will be billed at the above rates if asked 30 days or more from the original question completion date. Follow-up questions are clarifications of the original question, do not include additional facts and do not require further research or documentation.

What You Can Expect

If your question is not answered over the telephone, we will research the answer and either mail, email or fax your answer to you usually within three to five business days, excluding the day it is received.

If extensive research is required, or multiple questions are asked, an additional charge may apply. You will be notified of any additional charges before proceeding.

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