Recommendations to IRS on the Implementation of the Taxpayer First Act

NATP has joined a group of stakeholder organizations to provide the IRS with recommendations as it prepares reports to Congress as mandated by the Taxpayer First Act. The organizations are committed to supporting the IRS in achieving improved customer service and organizational modernization.

Most importantly, in the letter, we recommend a new Practitioner Services Division as an integral part of the organizational modernization. The IRS also needs to adopt a visionary approach looking beyond immediate constraints to develop long term goals (which look towards a 10- or even 15-year horizon). Finally, the IRS should provide flexibility in its design to ensure the agency will continue to evolve.

As the IRS prepares its comprehensive reports to Congress, in the letter, we encourage the IRS to consider ​specific recommendations:

  • Comprehensive customer service strategy
    • Access to empowered employees
    • Access to timely information
    • Access to tailored resources
  • Comprehensive training strategy
    • Customer-focused subject matters
    • Consistent and high-quality format
    • Leveraging of trained employees
  • IRS Redesign Plan
    • Customer-focused culture
    • Integrated technological infrastructure
    • Dedicated Practitioner Services Division

We are committed to focusing on solutions and how, together, we can ensure the IRS achieves improved service and organizational modernization.

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