The Children's Shelter

One of the things that makes our National Conference special is our commitment to doing something positive for the host community. This is why for over a decade we’ve adopted a local charity and collected contributions from our generous attendees.

This year, we've partnered with The Children's Shelter in San Antonio​. Even though we're unable to host a live National Conference this year, we feel it is important to continue to support our selected charity. The Children’s Shelter has been operating in San Antonio since 1901. Their mission is to restore innocence and strengthen families to break the cycle of abuse. They accomplish this by:

  • Providing emergency sheltering for children who have been removed from their homes
  • Scheduling all children for physical, dental and mental health care
  • Assuring that all employees are trained in using trauma-informed care
  • Training all foster and adoptive families to therapeutic homes
  • Nurturing the needs of first-time, economically disadvantaged moms through our Nurse-Family Partnership®
  • Supporting parenting classes through iParent SA®
  • Providing research-based skills and resources for men to become stronger fathers through Compadre y Compadre™

We welcome any donations to this great cause. To help us start off in a spectacular way, you can donate now. All donations through this special link will be added to the check total, presented to the charity at the closing remarks of TaxCon.

Donate to The Children's Shelter >

Charity Event

The charity event is a great opportunity to make a difference and we look forward to continuing the tradition with TaxCon. We'll be hosting our Charity Event on Tuesday, July 28, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. CT. through the charity's event platform. We'll be hosting a silent auction starting the Monday of TaxCon, and close during the live Charity Event on Tuesday, July 28. During the charity event, we'll also have lightning raffles. Stay tuned for more details!

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