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Partner Basis - Let's Take It to the Next Level


A partner’s basis in a partnership is a difficult concept to understand and is widely misinterpreted by tax professionals. The concepts go far beyond basic and that is what this webinar is going to provide. Two common concepts make the calculation of a partner’s outside basis in partnership distinguishable from the calculation of a shareholders stock basis. These are a §754 election and at-risk limitations. Attend this webinar to take a deep dive into a §754 election and at-risk limitations.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine the amount of a §754 adjustment.
  • Allocate the §754 basis adjustment amount to the partners.
  • Identify the differences between outside basis and at-risk basis.
  • Determine a partner’s at-risk basis.

Course Details

Includes webinar recording, PowerPoint presentation and Q&A webinar transcript. CPE is issued after exam is successfully completed.


Presented by: Genaro Cardaropoli, CPA

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