Understanding the Rules of the Qualified Business Income Deduction Webinar


Many owners of sole proprietorships, partnerships, S corporations and some trusts and estates may be eligible for a qualified business income deduction (QBID). This webinar examines the final §199A regulations and IRS guidance on calculating wages for calculating the QBID. Then we’ll examine the requirements a rental real estate must meet to qualify for treatment as a trade or business under the safe harbor to take the QBID.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Summarize the rules regarding the QBID
  • Calculate the QBID
  • Summarize final regulations regarding the QBID
  • Identify the safe harbor procedures for rental activities
  • Determine wages for purposes of the QBID

Course Details

Subject matter experts will answer your questions during the presentation. We make every effort to answer as many questions as possible during the webinar but we may not be able to directly address every question.

This webinar includes the presentation slides, attendee top questions and access to the webinar recording.


Presented by: Kathryn Morgan, EA

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