Primary Residence Tax Transactions Webinar


Some taxpayers will live in and use their primary residence solely as their personal property, but some choose to rent it out or convert part of their house into a home office. There are certain tax implications that come along with these changes including how to determine the gain and loss on the sale of a primary residence converted to rental property. This webinar will go through how to determine if the Section 121 exclusion is available to your client, how to calculate the correct amount that can be excluded and how to use a Section 1031 exchange on the depreciation recapture for a home office.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Calculate the gain or loss on a primary residence converted to a rental property.
  • Determine if capital gain on the sale of a residence can be excluded under §121.
  • Calculate the available §121 exclusion on a previously rented primary residence.
  • Review Form 8949 for the sale of a primary residence.
  • Analyze Form 4797 for the sale of a primary residence with business use.
  • Utilize a §1031 exchange for a primary residence with a home office.

Course Details

Our researchers will answer your questions during the presentation. This webinar includes the presentation slides, Attendee Top Questions and access to the webinar recording.


Presented by: Randy Lawshé, EA

​​​​​How to Earn CPE

​To receive full credit for a webinar, you must respond to at least 70% of the polling questions that are asked by the instructor during the webinar and you must be logged in for at least 90% of the presentation.

Please allow up to 7 days for us to verify attendance and issue certificates.

Cancellation Policy

Because this is an online education offering, it is nonrefundable.

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