​AFTR Workshop CPEOverviewLocationsDetails CPESummaryCompletion of the Annual Federal Tax Refresher course (AFTR) is a necessary step in obtaining an Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) — Record of Completion. This AFTR course covers federal tax law topics in three domains: New Tax Law/Recent Updates; General Review; and Ethics, Practices, and Procedures. The AFSP is a voluntary program, but since 2015, preparers need a Record of Completion for returns to engage in limited practice. To engage in limited practice, an unenrolled preparer must agree to adhere to the practice requirements of Circular 230. This AFTR course provides the information you need to review to pass the examination and obtain your Record of Completion.ObjectivesUpon completion of this course, you will be able to:Recognize new law provisions effective for the current tax year.Apply new law provisions and updated limitations as appropriate for the benefit of the taxpayer.Identify basic taxpayer information necessary to complete an average taxpayer’s Form 1040.Identify preparer responsibilities in dealings with the IRS.Identify preparer responsibilities in dealings with clients.Course Details Course Year: 2017 Course Level: Basic Level Refresher Prerequisite: None Advanced Preparation: None Delivery Method: Group-Live & QAS Self Study CPE Credits Designation Field of StudyIRS6AFSPAnnual Federal RefresherIRS0EAN/ANASBA0CPAN/ACTEC6CRTPFederal Tax Law UpdateCFP Board0CFP®N/A​
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