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Many firms are still using a business model that wasn’t designed for today’s unique challenges. As the owner of a firm, you need a business model that’s built for survival in the current environment and keeps you on track to reach your goals in the future.

Elements of the traditional tax & accounting model aren’t going away - but the current model was never designed for today’s level of crisis.

The "old" business model falls short in 3 specific ways:

  1. It doesn’t have a standardized framework for crisis management.
  2. It’s pricing structure is not optimized to include strategic planning and advisory work for clients that need it now more than ever.
  3. It can’t seamlessly integrate compliance work throughout the entire year (not just during tax season).

If you don’t have a business model that addresses those three specific shortfalls, then your pricing, workflow, and daily operations could all be misaligned and create instability in your practice.

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Our partners at SmartPath have worked with over 1,000 firms in the last 11 years helping them stabilize so they could grow faster or retire sooner.

They can help you quickly implement a pre-built business model engineered to optimize your revenue and align your workflow with today’s world.

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