Grow Your Practice Online Training

Most tax professionals want three main things when trying to grow a practice:

  1. Better clients | You want to work with clients that appreciate you, listen to your advice, treat you (& your staff) with respect and can afford to pay your fee.
  2. Better work | You want to help clients in a meaningful way and have a positive impact on their financial lives.
  3. Fair compensation | You want to receive timely and fair compensation for your efforts, your knowledge and your unique value.

You don’t want to:

  • Waste time chasing down clients begging them to pay old invoices.
  • Spend hours slogging through mindless data entry and reconciliation you don’t enjoy.
  • Spin your wheels trying to clean up messes clients create for themselves (that they could have easily avoided if they just involved you earlier).

Our Partner

Building a successful and profitable practice in today’s environment can be exhausting – but it doesn’t have to be that way. We never want to see our members struggle, so we’ve partnered with SmartPath to make growing and optimizing your firm simpler and easier than ever.

SmartPath works directly with firm owners and teaches them step-by-step how to address the biggest growth pitfalls facing small practices today.

  • Their proven process has been tested and perfected by working with small firms all across the country, including with many NATP members.
  • All training and support is delivered completely online, via any device, no travel needed.

There are three options to help you build the tax practice you’ve always wanted.

Small Practice Accelerator Online Training

Structured, hands-on training that addresses the biggest concerns of small businesses, including implementing an updated pricing structure, providing additional services to clients, using a fully developed onboarding process and hiring/training new staff. The Accelerator process guarantees results for all enrollees, so to be eligible for the hands-on training, you must meet certain requirements.

Training includes:

  •    Self-paced course with trainer available for questions
  •    Video lectures, group calls
  •    Access to 1-on-1 guided coaching strategies
  •    Case studies to apply concepts
  •    Step-by-step scripting and education materials
  •    Over 120 templates, cheat sheets and walkthroughs
  •    Step-by-step help to find, hire and train new staff
  •    12-month guaranteed process

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Small Practice Starter Online Training

This is the perfect option if you're just starting out or have a smaller budget. You'll learn the key growth principles taught through the Accelerator training, but use a DIY model for self-paced learning at an entry level enrollment fee.

Training includes:

  •    Self-paced course with limited trainer availability for questions
  •    Video lectures
  •    Case studies to apply concepts
  •    Step-by-step scripting and education materials
  •    Over 80 templates, cheat sheets and walkthroughs

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Pricing & Growth Audit

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with SmartPath experts. We'll compare your pricing to common benchmarks and discover exactly how much you could increase your revenue simply by updating your current price structure and service offerings.

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