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Kelly has been preparing taxes since 1994 and became an enrolled agent in 1999. She is a CFP® and is the director of training for a large tax franchise. In addition to providing tax and financial services to her client base she enjoys teaching tax and financial topics to other professionals. Kelly has her BS from Cornell University and her MBA from St Bonaventure University. She is a member of NATP, NAEA, & FPA and is an active member on the board of directors of several local non-profit organizations. She lives in Western NY with her husband Jim.

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1040 WorkshopAnchorage, AK - Nov. 2-3, 20182018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-12-31T05:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00ZNovember 2November 3F180332018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z5141 Business Park Blvd.AnchorageHyatt House Anchorage907-992-2200AK C Lent-Paul, EA, CFP®
1040 WorkshopBellevue, WA - Oct. 29-30, 20182018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-12-31T05:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00ZOctober 29October 30F180152018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z3225 158th Ave SEBellevueEmbassy Suites Seattle Bellevue425-644-2500WA C Lent-Paul, EA, CFP®
1040 WorkshopCincinnati, OH - Nov. 16-17, 20182018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-12-31T05:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00ZNovember 16November 17F180742018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z3813 Edwards RoadCincinnatiCourtyard by Marriott Midtown/Rookwood513-672-7100OH C Lent-Paul, EA, CFP®
1040 WorkshopFairfax, VA - Nov. 26-27, 20182018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-12-31T05:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00ZNovember 26November 27F180832018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z3950 Fair Ridge RoadFairfaxHilton Garden Inn Fairfax703-385-7774VA C Lent-Paul, EA, CFP®
On-Demand WebinarISO vs ESPP vs NQSO vs RSU<h3>Summary</h3> <p>Can you explain the difference between an ISO, ESPP, NQSO and RSU? This webinar cuts through the alphabet soup of employee stock options, helping you provide for your higher net worth clients with complex returns. In this webinar, we’ll take a deep dive into the various types of stock options employees may receive. Gain a fuller understanding on how to determine the correct basis, how to determine the income tax effects of the stock options and properly report the disposition of client stock options.</p> <p>If you’re not quite comfortable preparing Schedule D with stock options listed on Form 1099-B, this is the webinar for you. The various stock options employees may receive include statutory or qualified stock options, such as incentive stock options (ISOs) and employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs), nonqualified stock options (NQSOs) and restricted stock units (RSUs). On top of gaining a fuller understanding of these options, you’ll also learn how to calculate gain when exercised, and whether or not the gain is qualified and subject to long term gain treatment, or nonqualified and taxed as ordinary income as additional wages. We’ll also walk through how to report the stock option disposition from Form 1099-B to Schedule D.</p> <iframe src="" title="Wistia video player" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" class="wistia_embed" name="wistia_embed" allowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen width="640" height="360"></iframe> <script src="" async></script> <h3>Objectives</h3> <p>Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: <ul> <li>Describe the common types of employee stock option plans available.</li> <li>Accurately compute basis of the common types of employee stock options.</li> <li>Explain the proper calculation and reporting of income associated with the grant, vesting and exercise of an employee stock option.</li> <li>Correctly classify the income associated with employee stock options.</li> <li>Report the disposition of employer stock acquired via a stock option.</li> </ul> <h3>Course Details</h3> <p>This webinar includes the presentation slides, exam questions, live webinar recording with review questions, and Q&A transcript. CPE is issued after exam is successfully completed.</p>2017-09-12T04:00:00Z2018-12-31T05:00:00ZNone2017-09-12T04:00:00Z0N/AODW1717Intermediate2Federal Tax Law Topic2017-09-12T04:00:00ZQAS Self Study$56 for Members and $68 for Nonmembers2Federal Tax Law Topic22TaxesKnowledge of Federal Income TaxKelly Lent-Paul, EA, CFP® Tax Law Topic2 CPE for AFSP, EA, CPA, CRTPon-demand webinar20172018-12-31T05:00:00Z
1040 WorkshopKnoxville, TN - Nov. 12-13, 20182018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-12-31T05:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00ZNovember 12November 13F180612018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z501 West Church Ave.KnoxvilleHilton Knoxville865-523-2300TN C Lent-Paul, EA, CFP®
AFTRLas Vegas, NV - Sept. 24, 20182018-04-13T04:00:00Z2018-12-31T05:00:00Z2018-04-01T04:00:00ZSeptember 24NA18022018-09-24T04:00:00Z3667 Las Vegas Blvd SLas VegasPlanet Hollywood844-253-4928NV C Lent-Paul, EA, CFP®
1040 WorkshopLexington, KY - Nov. 14-15, 20182018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-12-31T05:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00ZNovember 14November 15F180662018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z1938 Stanton WayLexingtonFour Points by Sheraton Lexington859-259-1311KY C Lent-Paul, EA, CFP®
1040 WorkshopRichmond, VA - Nov. 28-29, 20182018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-12-31T05:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00ZNovember 28November 29F180962018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z2018-05-01T04:00:00Z1021 Koger Center BoulevardRichmondDouble Tree by Hilton Richmond-Midlothian804-379-3800VA C Lent-Paul, EA, CFP®
On-Demand WebinarTax Issues of Divorce On-Demand Webinar<h3>Summary</h3> <p>Divorce is a life-changing event for your client and you'll want to be prepared to make the transition as smooth as possible. There are a number of tax issues you will need to account for when preparing to file their returns. In addition to whether a payment is alimony or child support, there are other issues tax professionals should know about. For example, when children are involved, it can be tricky to determine which taxpayer can claim an exemption for a child. What about their home? If one spouse moves out, do they still qualify for a 121 exclusion? Being prepared when clients come to you in the midst of divorce can alleviate some tax filing problems. This webinar will address issues your clients may face after a divorce has been finalized.</p> <h3>Objectives</h3> <p>Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: <ul> <li>Identify how to determine filing status for divorced clients.</li> <li>Describe how children are treated for divorced clients.</li> <li>Identify the treatment of the property of divorced clients.</li> <li>Identify planning techniques available to clients during a divorce.</li> </ul> <h3>Course Details</h3> <p>This webinar includes the presentation slides, exam questions, live webinar recording with review questions, and Q&A transcript. CPE is issued after exam is successfully completed.</p>2018-07-24T04:00:00Z2019-12-31T05:00:00ZNone2018-04-01T04:00:00Z0N/AODW1818Basic2Federal Tax Law Topic2018-07-24T04:00:00ZQAS Self Study$58 for members and $70 for nonmembers2Federal Tax Law Topic22TaxesNoneKelly C Lent-Paul, EA, CFP® Tax Law Topic2 CPE for AFSP, EA, CPA, CRTPon-demand webinar20182019-12-31T05:00:00Z

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