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With membership comes the support you need to give exceptional service to your clients. You’re never alone when you’re part of the nation’s largest group of federal tax experts. We’re proud to play a part in the lives of tax professionals who ethically and expertly serve millions of taxpayers.


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Sometimes it’s just nice to have something in print – we get it. That’s why we offer our members a number of different publications straight to their inbox or mailboxes. Whether it’s a breaking news update on the latest tax law change or the answer to a common question our research team is getting that week, our publications are filled with great information you need to properly serve your clients through tax season and beyond.

TAXPRO Weekly: Members receive this email that features updates on the latest tax law changes in easy-to-read chunks straight to their inbox. Bonus: There’s also a weekly research question and answer that may be applicable to one of your clients’ situations!

TAXPRO Monthly: TAXPRO Monthly magazine explores critical new developments in federal tax law, practical tax applications, provides solutions for running a successful tax practice and details the latest tax news so you can stay up-to-date while working diligently through tax season and eventually preparing for next year’s tax season.

TAXPRO Journal: This quarterly magazine is a great resource for in-depth tax information and timely featured articles on issues such as new tax acts, practical tax applications and solutions to the day-to-day challenges of running a tax practice. Many of our members end up saving these journals for years because they are so valuable!

Chapter News: Another publication our members receive is an email newsletter detailing upcoming chapter events and updates straight from the chapter presidents themselves. This newsletter is a great way to stay in touch and aware of what each NATP chapter is doing across the nation.

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While your priority is staying on top of information crucial to practicing tax preparation, you DO have a business to run. We’re here to help you continue to operate at the highest standard possible to match the quality of work you produce. Members receive complementary access to a variety of materials that help keep business operating smoothly and your clients satisfied.

Professional directory: Being able to be discovered is a huge part of gaining new clients – are you working for or against yourself? All NATP members get a free basic directory profile on TaxProfessionals.com – a website that makes your business easy to find for those individuals searching for a tax professional in their area.

Tax Store: In order to run a successful business, you’ve got to have the right tools. With an NATP membership, you’ll receive discounts on our tax office products including client folders and envelopes, client newsletters and brochures, reference materials and more! We’re here to support you and your profession in every way imaginable, from the education down to the materials you need to run a successful business.

Free AFTR and EA courses: If good isn’t good enough for you and you’re looking to take the next step in your career, we also offer free AFTR and EA courses to members! It’s important to stay ahead of the competition, and in this case, your competition is other tax professionals. Give yourself the edge and access our free AFTR course and exam, and EA Part I review course with NATP membership.

Software Study and Fee Study: You’ve got to have the right tools for the job. Our Software Study helps you determine which software is the best fit for you and your practice, and our Fee Study is your guide to staying competitive with your pricing.

Practice management webinars: If growing your practice is important to you, whether in staff or in management, you’ll be happy to know NATP offers a number of ideas to keep you and your business fresh. We often partner with outside vendors to provide you with complimentary access to informative practice management webinars and trainings.

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NATP supports tax preparers in their quest to serve the public

People helping people is what makes the world go ‘round. At least that’s the philosophy ​​we take at NATP! Whether it’s our federal tax research team or our group of invaluable state tax volunteers, we offer a number of ways to stay informed of the latest tax law changes and get answers to some of your clients’ trickiest situations.

NATP research services: When you’re looking for help with finding answers to some tough tax questions, we’re right here, year-round. NATP has a top-notch group of certified tax experts who make up our research team. We work to provide you with the answers you need and the confidence your clients expect. The best part? Members receive one FREE answer to a federal tax research question of their choice each calendar year.

State Tax Volunteers: We have an outstanding group of state tax volunteers who are able to step in and answer those questions specific to your clients’ state laws.

IRS resources: Finding information through the IRS website, forms and regulations can be daunting. We’ve compiled the most useful worksheets and charts that are easy to use and understand.

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