​​​​​Protect the Integrity & Future of the Profession

We support tax professionals in their continuous drive to deliver excellence to their clients. The impact our members have on the lives of millions of taxpayers is a fact we don’t take lightly. By serving tax preparers, we support the backbone of this great nation.


We connect you to the nation’s decision makers

Your right to practice in a fair environment, no matter how large or small your practice, matters to us. When your voice is needed to share concerns with our contacts within the IRS or to representatives in our government, we speak with the strength of 23,000 professional tax experts.

Our government relations team is made up of senior staff members, our longtime IRS liaison, Larry Gray, and our Washington, D.C.-based resources who provide an important NATP presence before our legislators.

The team monitors what’s being proposed or implemented at a federal level that will affect our members’ ability to do their jobs and serve the taxpaying community in a manner they deserve.

Whether the topic be ease of secure access to your client information, struggles with receiving answers quickly from the IRS, clarification on new tax laws or any proposals that could affect you, we are always working on behalf of our members.

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