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ACA Insurance Regulations by State
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - tax act summary

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Individual Client Newsletter: Public and Private Exchanges - posted September 2013
Individual Client Newsletter: General ACA information - posted August 2013
Business Client Newsletter: Healthcare Coverage options - posted August 2013

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2013 ACA Summary - December 2013 TAXPRO Monthly article
Becoming a Health Care Navigator - November 2013 TAXPRO Monthly article
Form 720: Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return - October 2013 TAXPRO Monthly article
The Individual Health Care Mandate - September 2013 TAXPRO Monthly article
Health Insurance Exchanges - August 2013 TAXPRO Monthly article
NIIT Wit: Helping Your Clients - Summer 2013 TAXPRO Journal article
Healthcare Reform: Employer Mandate Starts in 2015 - July 2013 TAXPRO Monthly article
Demystifying the Small Business Health Care Credit - Winter 2012 TAXPRO Journal article
PPACA Provisions: What to expect in 2013 - October 2012 TAXPRO Monthly article
Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Law - August 2012 TAXPRO Monthly article   
Small Business Health Insurance Credit - Fall 2012 TAXPRO Journal article    
IRS & Treasury Guidance on Health Insurance Plans - Winter 2011 TAXPRO Journal article
Small Employer Health Insurance Tax Credit white paper - created August 3, 2011

Applicable Large Employer Calculator
DOL Letter for Employers Who Offer a Health Plan
DOL Letter for Employers Who Don't Offer a Health Plan
Subsidy Calculator

Public Resources
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Health Reform Source
IRS - Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions
The Individual Shared Responsibility Provision
US Dept. of Health and Human Services -
Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight
Healthcare Coverage through the Marketplace
Consumer Assistance for Employees
Employers: Legal Guidance – Labor Provisions

Health Insurance Coverage Applications
Individual Short Form
Individual Without Financial Assistance

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