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Taking an Exam

If you’re taking a self-study course or on-demand webinar, you’ll be required to pass an exam to receive course credit. After you’ve

studied, here’s how to take your exam in the Tax Education Center:

  1. Click here or select Tax Education Center from the Events and Education menu on any NATP web page.
  2. Click the My Courses tile on the dashboard.
  3. Click the appropriate folders and select the course.
  4. Click the exam in the course outline.
  5. For each question, select the appropriate answer and click Submit.
  6. Click the right arrow to go to the next question or select the question number on the bottom of the page.
  7. Once you’ve answered all the questions, click Submit Quiz in the lower right of the page. You’ll immediately receive a message indicating if you passed the exam.
  8. When you receive the Activity Complete message, click Close Activity or click the X in the upper right corner to exit the exam.

Access the Tax Education Center 

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