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Taking a self-study with facilitator course gives you flexibility that you can’t get from a live course. You can study from anywhere and design your own learning experience. Each course is enhanced by the contributions of your facilitator. All NATP facilitators are experts on the course topics.  They will challenge you, encourage you, answer any questions you might have and they will get you ready to pass the course exam and earn your CPE.

The facilitation period for our online courses lasts one to three weeks. During that time, students read the materials provided and participate in a group discussion board. Your facilitator will post questions and discussion starters for you and your fellow students at least three times each week, and you can also ask your own questions. Being active in the discussion enhances your experience and deepens your understanding of the course content.

CPE for courses depends on your designation and the course you choose. If CPE is available, you’ll need to pass an exam to receive credit. Specific CPE information can be found in each course description.

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