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Picture Placeholder: Kenneth Portera
  • Kenneth Portera
14/6/2014 10:48 AM

​I"m a NJ NATP member but have a question on about getting an energy credit for a non - resident with NY sourced income. 

Does the taxpayer's residence need to be in NY State to get the credit or does the state allow energy credits for non residents

​ Thanks

Steve Schultz4/8/2014 3:17 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Linda V Archie
  • Linda V Archie
03/4/2014 10:34 AM

​Is a new york state pension with a code 2 exception taxable to New York State?

3/4/2014 10:34 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Louis P Ceci
  • Louis P Ceci
02/20/2014 6:43 PM

Is an early distribution from a taxpayers NY state deferred compensation subject to the 10% federal tax?​

2/20/2014 6:43 PMNo
Picture: Megan Sonicksen
  • Megan Sonicksen
112/6/2013 10:34 AM

​With tax season fast approaching, remember your Chapter discussion board can be a great resource for state and local tax issues as well as utilizing the state tax volunteers.

Megan Sonicksen, NATP Tax Communications​
Peter Pantelis Sakellarides, EA1/12/2014 12:33 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Megan Sonicksen
  • Megan Sonicksen
09/30/2013 8:31 AM

​Please use this discussion board for discussions specifically relating to the Chapter, state or local tax discussions.

For general discussion items relating to business management, federal tax or education, please use the discussion board located under Member Center>Community.

9/30/2013 8:31 AMNo

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