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Picture Placeholder: Duane K Ralston, EA
  • Duane K Ralston, EA
03/5/2015 9:18 AM

​A NJ resident employed by Chase Bank in Jersey City has some strange deductions that are listed in Box 20 of the W-2 along with total amount in Box 19 and no wages listed in Box 18.

In the more detailed section of W-2, the codes are NJ Unempl EE for $120, NJ WDPF FOR $8, NJ SWAF FOR $6, and NJ FLI/EE for $14.

Does this relate to a City Income Tax?  Is a City Tax Return required?  Is it required to do anything on any return for these?

3/5/2015 9:18 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Dan Barra, RTRP
  • Dan Barra, RTRP
02/7/2015 8:25 AM




2/7/2015 8:25 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Richard Jay Bellows, RTRP
  • Richard Jay Bellows, RTRP
01/20/2015 3:32 PM

​Has anyone heard when the 2014 forms will be included on the NJ Taxation website? Specifically the NJ-1065.

1/20/2015 3:32 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Deborah Mininger Lahneman, ATP RTRP
  • Deborah Mininger Lahneman, ATP RTRP
212/4/2014 12:44 PM

I have a client who sold an inherited property in NJ.  She is a PA resident.  They withheld $3311 at settlement. Can she get that refunded to her?​

Deborah Mininger Lahneman, ATP RTRP12/8/2014 9:40 AMNo
Picture: Michael Leeper, RTRP
  • Michael Leeper, RTRP
010/14/2014 4:42 PM

I recently moved to Wildwood, New Jersey, from Virginia and I believe my New Jersey membership is automatic.

Is there any way of finding out other members that are from the Cape May County area?

​Mike Leeper

10/14/2014 4:42 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Roselu P Llanos, AFSP
  • Roselu P Llanos, AFSP
09/12/2014 9:19 PM

​My client is a Head of Household with 3 dependents, 2 children, 11 and 9 y.o. (US Citizens) and a mother,68 y. o. ( a green card holder). As per client, she cannot get her mother medicare health insurance due to the fact that she is not a US Citizen so she decided to go online market and look for a health insurance coverage but she found it very expensive.She is currently earning $98000.00/year as a Registered Nurse.

What is the best advise that I could give to my client? Will she be penalized for not getting her mother health insurance coverage this year? and if penalized, how do we compute for the penalty?

9/12/2014 9:19 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: Megan Sonicksen
  • Megan Sonicksen
19/30/2013 8:26 AM

Please use this discussion board for discussions specifically relating to the Chapter, state or local tax discussions.

For general discussion items relating to business management, federal tax or education, please use the discussion board located under Member Center>Community.

Robert J Crabtree8/11/2014 9:29 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: Robert Bauer, EA
  • Robert Bauer, EA
13/10/2014 3:50 PM

​I have two clients (husband and wife) who both live in NJ and work in New York City. The NJ Dept of Revenue recently requested copies of their paper W2s and disallowed deduction from taxable wages for Dependent Care Benefits, Health and Dental Insurance, Transportation Benefits and an HSA. Generally employers will calculate the gross NJ wages on the W2 but since these employers are in NY there were no entries on the W2 for NJ thus we reported the Federal wages as wages for NJ. I Know NJ is a gross income tax but could not find anything specific as far as what deductions might be allowed. Are all of these voluntary contributions items that must be added back to taxable wages in NJ. Are there any arguments we can use regarding any of them? Whatever advise you can offer would be appreciated.

Jaimee Hammer, EA6/4/2014 1:42 PMNo
Picture: Megan Sonicksen
  • Megan Sonicksen
012/6/2013 10:33 AM

​With tax season fast approaching, remember your Chapter discussion board can be a great resource for state and local tax issues as well as utilizing the state tax volunteers.

Megan Sonicksen, NATP Tax Communications​
12/6/2013 10:33 AMNo

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