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Reach your target customers for less than 2¢ per impression.

As a company that markets to tax professionals, you can't get better exposure to your prospects and customers than at an NATP 1040 Workshop. The more time you have in front of your customers and prospects the easier it is to build relationships that lead to more business for your company.

Advertising slides will run continuously in the 1040 Update classrooms prior to the morning session, during breaks, and prior to the afternoon session. These popular tax update workshops are held in more than 100 cities across the United States and are attended by more than 8,000 tax professionals. Each ad will run a minimum of 15 times at each workshop, which means more than 120,000 impressions of your advertisement.

1040 Workshop Ad Loops - $2000

The advertising runs within the PowerPoint system used at the 1040 Update courses. Your advertisement can simply be created or placed on a typical PowerPoint slide. If you need assistance putting your slide/ad together, the NATP marketing department can help.

We will need high-quality images when creating your ads. What does this mean?

  • If you are supplying a logo to us, please do so in an .eps format. If you do not have an .eps, please provide a .jpg or .tiff at a minimum of 300 dpi.
  • If you’ve ever sent a logo to a printer, that will be the quality of image we will need, too. An image pulled off a website will not play well on the PowerPoint slide/ads.
  • If you are supplying us a finished slide, please verify that it is saved as a .jpg or .tiff at 300 dpi. Again, something that is the quality you would send to your printer.

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